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Revan's Redeption | SWTCG Card of the Week

This week’s card is a preview of the “Knights and Exiles” expansion by the IDC. This expansion will be introducing the final counter type to the Star Wars Trading Card Game: redemption counters. Each counter in the SWTCG is now part of a matching pair that reflects the duality of the Star Wars galaxy. The first pair of counters (build & damage) is the most essential pair. These are the lifeblood of the game. One is used to create, the other to destroy. The second pair (credit & resource) deals with using your in-game assets (specialized units, Locations, and Resource cards) to gain an advantage. The third pair (captivity & mastery) deals with freedom and the lack of freedom. Captivity counters, depending on the cards in play, can weaken, restrain, or remove units from play. On the other hand, mastery counters can strengthen, rejuvenate, and free units to become the best they can be. The fourth and final pair (corruption & redemption) is closest to the core concept of the Star Wars saga, dark and light. Corruption counters, depending on the cards in play, can cripple, corrupt, and turn units to the dark side. They can also be used to strengthen your units, but at a cost. Redemption counters, depending on the cards in play, can strengthen, redeem, and turn units to the light side. With the inclusion of redemption counters, the circle is now complete.


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