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Limited Format Character Pack for Harry Potter TCG

One of our Harry Potter Trading Card Game (HP TCG) viewers – Perezdev (who is very active in the HPTCG Revival community) – was kind enough to ship us a sealed booster box of the original base set in Portuguese to borrow for our weekly livestream! We've been using the packs to do different Limited Format matches, and it's been super fun.

We realized one of the setbacks to Limited play, with this game in particular, is that you need to be able to bring a Starting Witch or Wizard to the match outside of whatever packs you open or draft, since you may not even get a Character. Also, to us it seemed very important to have a Starting Witch or Wizard that can provide a Lesson type that would allow you to "splash" into a third color when you have such a small card pool.

As such, we decided to create a set of 5 Characters that can be used exclusively for Limited formats. Our thought is each player could bring this set of Characters with them to a Limited event, and have the option to use one of them as his/her starting Witch or Wizard. Each Character has an ability that we think would be helpful in a Limited Format, and can also conditionally provide a Lesson type.

We have not yet tested all these Characters, so we might tweak or change them as we experiment. We'll be trying them out as we continue to play with the packs from Perezdev. Join us for "Magical Mondays" at 8:00p central on or catch the replays on to see how it goes!

If you would like to try these out yourself, you can download the PRINT FILE here. We would absolutely love to hear your feedback on how we could make these even better or possibly add other Characters!

►►Download the PRINT FILE

►►Artist @upthehillart

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