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Harry Potter vs Voldemort MTG EDH Commander Dueling Decks

We officially have new favorite Commander decks! We found these fan-made decks online through reddit, and love love love them!! One deck features Harry Potter as the commander and the other Lord Voldemort. Links to download a print file and other good stuff below!!

The decks are designed with 100% Wizarding World cards and lore – in many cases, an existing Magic card was essentially "reskinned" with a functional reprint that's on-theme. The designer – miketrailside – did an absolutely fantastic job with the card functionality, artwork, and even great flavor text!

There was an ARTICLE written by Jake Vyper about these decks, which identifies standard EDH/Commander rules changes including starting with 30 life (instead of 40) and alternate win conditions for each deck. All other normal EDH/Commander rules would apply.

After playing with these decks once, we would recommend sticking with the normal life totals given there doesn't appear to be any reason to decrease them. We would also recommend you check for the fulfillment of the alternate win conditions (below) at the beginning of your upkeep, which will give your opponent an opportunity to respond to meeting the criteria.


► Harry deck wins if any one student or teacher is equipped with all 3 Deathly Hallows

► Voldemort deck wins if it controls all 6 horcruxes AND Lord Voldemort simultaneously

One thing to note with these decks...they do not have basic lands. There were alternate art basics included with the designs, so you can chose to use those if you like or simply use normal basic lands. In the print file below, we included a page of each of the basic land designs if you chose to use them.

All-in-all, these decks are WICKED AWESOME! They're super "themey" and really fun to play. We'll definitely bring these out again!

THANK YOU MIKETRAILSIDE for making these decks and putting them out there for everyone to enjoy!!!


►►Download the PRINT FILE we made ourselves

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